Welsh Weddings

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just (finally) launched my wedding photography page!

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I’ve been working and networking with wedding photographers for almost two years now, helping out on shoots, learning through experience as a second photographer, and now taking my own bookings as a lead photographer. I’ve worked at venues across North Wales, Cheshire, the Wirral and even Stoke-on-Trent, learning not only the essentials of the business but reaffirming the necessity of coffee!

If it wasn’t for fellow wedding photographers I wouldn’t have made it to this point…

Among others, without the help from these folks I wouldn’t be in the position I am today - running my own business in a profession I love. My first solo wedding is quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited or nervous!

Heledd Roberts, Photographer in her trusty 500

Heledd Roberts, Photographer in her trusty 500

Heledd Roberts, based in Bala, was gracious enough to take me under her wing when I was fresh from the culinary world and yearning to follow my passion (or obsession) for photography as a career. I still bug her on occasion about culling software, film photography and of course, true crime talk! The whole reason I initially approached Heledd was my love of her light, airy imagery and I’d happily set aside many weekends to work with her again.

Check out Heledd’s work here!

Ellie and her noble steed, Daisy (probably)

Ellie and her noble steed, Daisy (probably)

Eleanor of Stretton Studios similarly took me on as a newbie, encouraging me to chase the shot regardless of who was watching. Her history in graphic design shines through in her personalised wedding albums, which I may in the future be commissioning her to design as a service add-on! Of course having a studio is advantageous, and the quality of her family, pet and boudoir shoots are up there with the best in the North West.

Check out Ellie’s work here!

Nadine of ELS Photography and Elaine Williams have also been fab to work with. As well as both being Nikon shooters (bonus) they’ve both aided me by means of image critique, opportunities to work with our couples as lead, and little tips and advice in all aspects of running a successful shoot. Nadine I especially owe thanks to for recommending me to my first booked couple this August!

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I feel like the hard work is slowly coming to fruition and I can’t wait to deliver my first edit. I’ve been reluctant to advertise any wedding work for some time, which I put partly down to nerves and anxiety. It’s a far bigger task than many would assume, involving culling mass quantities of images, trusting your own judgement in a hugely subjective medium, as well as the anxiety of not knowing how a couple may react to your final product. I’ve spent many late nights producing my own “styles” and creating base presets for different shooting scenarios, seeing what works through trial and error, and now finally I’m getting to put all that practice into action.

If you’re setting a date soon, do be sure to check out my gallery and get in touch with any queries. I’m super excited to take part in people’s special days.